You might not be able to taste the full range of Starbucks Coffee K-Cups available, from light-bodied and mild Starbucks(r.) Blonde roasts to the intense Starbucks(r. Dark roasts).

The green coffee beans smell just like sweet, fresh fruits and vegetables before they are roasted. The roasting process is where a coffee’s unique aroma and flavor — as well as its acidity, body, and flavor — are created. Starbucks has spent 45 years perfecting its roasting process to ensure coffee drinkers get consistent quality every time they brew their coffee.

Starbucks(r), Veranda Blend(r), is a Blonde coffee. It’s light in color and has hints of cocoa and lightly toasted nuts. Starbucks(r) Pike Place(r) Roast is a Medium roast coffee, with hints of cocoa and toasted nuts. Starbucks(r) Italian Roast coffee is dark roast with caramelized sugar notes and a rich flavor.

Coffees can have a variety of tastes, even within the same roast. Each coffee has its own flavor, depending on its origin, how it was brewed, and how it was served. The best way to discover what you like is to try them all. Ask any Starbucks barista to help you along the way.

Discover the Best Coffee for You

There are so many choices that you can choose from. It’s hard to find the perfect cup.