Veranda Blend K-Cup pods – 72 pack

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You don’t have to wait. Making your Starbucks(r), Veranda Blend K–Cup, coffee at home is cheaper and more convenient than buying it. You can get the same quality coffee at home as you would at Starbucks(r) with your Keurig. You can enjoy the same coffee without all of the hassle.

The Starbucks Veranda K Cup Blonde Roast Starbucks Veranda K Cup coffee has a light, easy-to-drink flavor and a rich body. This coffee has a lighter taste than the classic Starbucks. Veranda has a shorter roasting time, which results in soft, smooth coffee with floral notes. It is full of delicious flavor. All orders qualify for free shipping.

  • Light roast
  • 72 pod count
  • (OU) Certified Kosher
  •  Gluten-free
  • You may not find recyclable materials in your region.
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Starbucks Veranda Blend K-Cup pods
Veranda Blend K-Cup pods – 72 pack