Bagged Coffee

Bagged Coffee

Bagged Coffee Bean.

The General Characteristics Of Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is the purest form of coffee, and it’s carefully packed right after roasting. Because of its versatility and freshness, whole bean coffee is very popular. Coffee begins to degrade quicker as soon as it’s exposed air moisture. Whole beans are ground at home and brewed immediately. This ensures that the coffee has maximum potential. Fresher flavors also mean more flavor definition. It’s the difference between strawberry-flavored and strawberry-flavored coffee.

Bagged coffee is versatile because it allows the brewer to control the grind. A light roast, such as our Morning Blend, that has subdued citrus notes and is bright, might require a smaller grind. This can only be achieved if the bean is ground with a high-quality grinder.

Fun fact: Every year, 152.7 million 60-kg bags of coffee beans is produced.

The General Characteristics Of Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the easiest way to make a cup of comforting coffee for any occasion. Ground coffee is consistent ground and marked with the size of the grind. This means that anyone can grab a cup and know the quality. Pre-ground coffee can be enjoyed quickly and should taste just as good as whole-bean coffee.