Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee

The oil makes the beans stutter, and they become almost silent. The master roaster watches carefully, knowing that if they push them too hard, they will burst into flame. As the beans glow ebony, white smoke hangs from their heads. This is Starbucks Dark French Roast. You can’t roast it any darker. Our darkest roast, which is straightforward and full-bodied with low acids, has been immensely popular since 1971. It’s loved for its intense smokeiness.

  • French Roast is unique and smoky–it’s the pure, explosive flavor from our darkest roast
  • Although the packaging has been updated, the great tasting Starbucks coffee is still available.
  • You can enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love, without ever leaving your home
  • Use cold, filtered water, and store the coffee in cool, dark places for best taste
  • Each package contains a 12-ounce bag with ground Starbucks coffee


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