Since more than 40 years, we have been making coffee all over the globe.

In 1979, the first Gloria Jean’s Coffees shop opened in a small village outside of Chicago. Gloria Jean Kvetko, a young mom with a dream to open a Gloria Jean’s Coffees shop that would combine her passions for caffeine and meet people was determined.

More than 90,000 coffees are served daily around the globe

Forty years later, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has become one of the most beloved coffee houses in the entire world. Gloria Jeans Coffees serves more than 90,000. They are available in over 50 countries.

Gloria Jeans is a leader in sourcing high-quality beans, training the best baristas, and serving great coffee with a smile.

We are full of beans

Gloria Jeans takes coffee seriously. We are a friendly, energetic bunch who enjoy meeting new people, serving great coffee, delicious drinks, and delicious food. We are an entrepreneurial bunch and will always find new ways to make Gloria Jean’s visit more enjoyable and delicious.

Our goal is to make customers feel at home and welcome. Gloria Jeans doesn’t have any coffee snobs. We are experts in the differences between macchiato and cappuccino, but we believe that the most important thing to do is serve coffee blends our customers love.

Gloria Jean’s offers expertly flavored coffee that deeply delights
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Enjoy a positive, enjoyable experience
Every cup, freshly brewed in your Keurig (r),
Coffee maker

Gloria Jean’s (r. Coffees
Perfectly roasted beans, rich and delicious
They are balanced with flavours like
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French hazelnuts and creamy hazelnut
Vanilla. Choose your favorite and
Treat yourself to delicious treats

Gloria-Jeans kcup pods

More About Gloria Jean

All coffee addicts are familiar with Gloria Jean’s coffee. And why not? They source their own coffee and make their own roasts. With their authentic blends, they have been able to keep their flavours high in quality and consistency. It does not matter if you are relaxing in one of their coffee houses or making a freshly brewed cup of coffee at home; they aim to make sure that you get the best coffee with every cup.
Are you craving a cup of Gloria Jean’s coffee right now? How do you get one without going out? Here is an alternative to satisfy your cravings. K-cups presents Gloria Jean’s coffee pods; Gloria Jean’s coffee is precisely flavoured to thoroughly satisfy your senses, resulting in a pleasantly satisfying, uplifting experience in every cup, straight from your Keurig coffee machine. This blend is perfectly balanced made with rich, roasted beans and flavours like melted Butter Toffee, toasted Hazelnut, and creamy French Vanilla. Choose your favourite and enjoy a delectable treat. Just add the coffee pod to your Keurig coffee brewer and get a perfectly brewed Gloria Jean’s cup of coffee.
You don’t have to think before you grab your next cup of coffee; you can make it from the comfort of your home and office with your Keurig coffee machine. Just add the pod to the machine and wait as the aromatic beans fill in your senses and your mug with coffee. Wake up every morning with a boost of caffeine to give you the energy that lasts all day. Whether you are working from home or office, relax with your colleagues and enjoy home-brewed coffee without having the trouble of going out to the stores.
We all know that those coffee trips are expensive and often make us late for work, and not all of us have access to their coffee houses! Many of us have shifted where there is no franchise, and it is easy to miss the taste. So an easy way to make high-quality coffee at home is using coffee pods. Become the friend who makes the best coffee. To try great flavoured coffees like Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee coffee, you can stop buying a whole bag of ground coffee and deal with the mess that it leaves behind.
Gloria Jean’s has spent over 30 years refining the art of flavoured coffee. They’ve mastered the art of combining the world’s best coffee kinds with incredible complementary flavours. There are a wide range of coffee flavours that you can choose from-
● Chocolate Raspberry Lava K-Cup Packs by Gloria Jean’s
Smooth and enticing, filled with flavours, it comes with a mellow, cake-like finish; this dessert combines the great taste of chocolate with the acidic sweetness of refreshing raspberries. This coffee is made entirely of Arabica beans.
● French Vanilla Supreme K-Cup Packs by Gloria Jean’s
Rich and creamy to the max. Gloria Jean’s French Vanilla Supreme K-Cup packets are packed with our favourite vanilla flavour! So take a seat, grab a cup, and unwind.
● Butter Toffee K-Cup Packs by Gloria Jean’s
It has a smooth and creamy caramel toffee flavour. It’s ideal for those days when you just need a pick-me-up and a way to relax.
● Gloria Jean’s K-Cup Packs – Hazelnut
Gloria Jean’s creamy medium roast has a silky hazelnut flavour and aroma.

With America’s majority of the population consuming coffee on a regular basis, coffee has nearly become a part of our diet. With the pandemic going on, there is a risk of getting infected. So why bother going out when you can have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. Let us be honest nobody likes going on those coffee runs. When you are choosing Gloria Jean’s coffee, you are also promoting sustainability with their ethically sourced coffee beans.
Reduce the wastage with Keurig’s coffee pods and get high-quality coffee beans brewed right at your home or office. Wake up every morning and fulfil your five-o clock coffee craving with K-Cups Gloria Jean’s coffee pods. You don’t have to wait anymore. Go and grab your pack pods and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee alone or with a group of your friends and become the friend who gets the best coffee and save a lot of money.