An Introduction To K- Cups and Keurig Coffee Products

This post is for a person that just landed in the US or from our of space… and never had K- Cups and Keurig coffee in his life  As single cup coffee brewing systems gain in popularity, the brand that has stood above the rest has been Keurig. With its K- Cups and Keurig coffee […]

The Complete Guide to K-Cup pods and How to Use them in a Regular Coffee Maker

The Complete Guide to K-Cups and How to Use them in a Regular Coffee Maker   TABLE OF CONTENTS   How to Use Coffee Grounds in a Regular Espresso Machine STEP 1. Open your Keurig K-Cup Pods STEP 2. Fill your Coffee Machine Water Tank STEP 3. Fill the Bean Basket STEP 4. Brew the […]

How to Fix Your Keurig When It’s Not Brewing a Full Cup

Fix your Keurig coffee machines in your home and office will save you time and allow you to enjoy great coffee quickly. It is possible to be frustrated if your Keurig doesn’t make a full cup of espresso when you press the button. This should not happen if your machine is working properly. This is […]

Starbucks pledges to eliminate waste and encourages reusable coffee cups

Starbucks believes that green is more than a bold color for its signage or logo. It’s a reminder and aspiration to be resource-positive company that assists the planet in proactive ways. Starbucks shares some of its efforts in helping the company reduce waste by half by 2030, ahead of Wednesday’s annual shareholder meeting. According to […]


Let’s start this article with a warning banner: ‘K-Cup pods shoppers beware! Amazon is ripping you off.’ In our press release, we showed you how you can save up to 50% more when you shop for K-Cup pods from as opposed to Amazon. Is that a conclusive statement? Why not give it a try and […]

The Top Coffee and Tea Industry Trends for 2022

After a year of silence shopkeepers’ bells rang again as customers flooded through the café doors. They arrived slowly at first, then they came in large numbers, but with different expectations and tastes than before. A continuing pandemic has raised public awareness. Patrons are switching to simple, ethically sourced tea and coffee beverages that are […]

Keurig Launches the First WiFi-enabled K-Supreme Plus Smart Coffee Maker

The new Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart detects which K-Cup pods you’re using and adjusts the brew settings accordingly. The Keurig coffee maker became increasingly popular as many people switched to working at home during the pandemic. According to , 33 million households bought Keurig machines in 2020. Keurig has just released its first WiFi-connected brewer. […]

The landmark UVic law team makes a decision about plastic coffee pods

The Competition Bureau has fined Keurig Canada Inc the coffee pods giant $3 million. The Competition Bureau has fined Keurig Canada Inc. $3 million. Three years ago, Calvin Sandborn met with Margaret Atwood to write an article calling for a federal plastics strategy. He never dreamed it would result in a $3 million fine against […]