About Us

About Us

Our story starts in the early nineties. We were selling beverages to stores in New York City and parts of Jersey. Beverages like  soda, juice and ice teas. We sold to convenience stores and small coffee shops. This was something we had been doing for fourteen years. 

One day, a Keurig Sale Rep came into our office. K-Cup pods were his new products to sell and promote. The sales rep showed the new K-Cup pods. They came in many flavors, some traditional flavors like Breakfast Blend and French Vanilla and Dark Magic but shortly seasonal blends that are reminiscent of holidays like Thanksgiving and the winter solstice. Others dreamed of sandy beaches and sunny skies.

Although the results were impressive, we were skeptical that the K-cup idea would succeed and be profitable. We trusted our instincts and took a chance.

These new K-Cup products were uploaded on our websites shortly after. The sales of both the Keurig brewing machine and K-Cup pods grew simultaneously at an incredible rate. Our consumers found the convenience and variety of choices to be a compelling proposition. In fact the K-Cup pods took America by storm. Sales skyrocket and never slowed down since. 

We made a significant decision in 2008 and sold the beverage distributor company so that we could concentrate on K-Cup product sales. It was a significant decision for us.

We have been selling K-Cups for 14 years on many platforms, including Amazon, Big Apple Grocer.net and Park & Willow.com. we also sell K-Cups on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Merchant, and others. After decades of serving the public and selling, we are now experts in customer service and order fulfillment.

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