About Us


Ours is a tale of good beverages and happy customers! We began this journey about 25 years ago in Summer/winter/spring/mid-July/month, 1997 at NYC and later, some parts of New Jersey.

Our founding partners came up with an idea to create a beverage world in both wholesale and retail and went on to launch by selling beverages to stores. Today, our brand has evolved into a Keurig K-Cup sales company. We now sell and deliver to stores, homes, and a large range of customers who eventually became part of the KCupsofSale family as they benefited from our free shipping and a variety of bonuses.

Who we are

A family-owned business and Your shopping assistant.

We are a leading beverage sales brand focused on selling, delivering, and providing Keurig Kcups at the lowest prices possible with zero shipping fees. 

About 15years ago, we discovered a huge gap between the availability and delivery of Kcups, and the expensive charges attached! So, we decided to focus our business on that line. Our aim  

We built our brand model on creating an online store where everyone can enjoy premium services and customer satisfaction. 

who we are

What Makes Us Different?

 * Free shipping                                            * lower prices                        * So much more


Find out why thousands of customers patronize us.

When Amazon launched its online stores, we were one of the brands to hop on and use the service. In a few years, we achieved the ‘customer satisfaction guarantee level’ as buyers kept coming back for more. Here’s how we worked the magic:

  • We offer the most competitive prices in the market. 
  • We offer free delivery to anywhere in the USA.
  • Delivery is settled and done within 48 hours from when your order is placed.

We partner with multiple fulfillment centers across the USA to ensure that we get the best products at the best prices and then sell them to our clients. This way, we operate as a shopping aid to users of our website without compromising value. 

In 2020 we realized that selling on amazon attracted extra commission and charges which are in the end, borne by our customers. As such, we created this website to cut the extra commissions and lower the prices for our customers.

Our track record

History tells it all.

In the past two and half decades we have:

Built our brand across all 48 states in the USA

We have successfully delivered over 25, 000 independent purchases in locations all over America.

We have satisfied over 5, 000 returnees/ customers

We have earned Amazon “customer satisfaction guarantee” level of service

We are voted one of the top best websites shops by users. 

With the KcupsSales Family, it can only keep getting better.

Shop with us and Never Pay for shipping fees again!

What our customers have to say: