A Quick Recipe for Creamy Hazelnut Coffee Martini

hazelnut coffee martini

Who doesn’t love a hazelnut creamy coffee martini?

A homemade version is possible for a fraction of the cost. Our favorite Hazelnut Coffee martini recipe is the classic Baileys Irish Cream. It is delicious and beautiful. In just five minutes, you can make creamy hazelnut martini.

hazelnut coffee martini


  •  1 Hazelnut Keurig(r) K-Cup(r) pod Baileys Irish Cream 2 shots
  •  Course ground sugar
  •  ground espresso powder
  •  Chocolate syrup
  •  1 C Ice



Use the lowest setting water to brew your Hazelnut pod. To make a martini shaker, add about 1 cup of ice. Then add the brewed hazelnut coffee into the martini shaker. To make a martini shaker, add 2 shots Baileys.

Make sure to shake well Mix 1 T coarse sugar and 1 T espresso powder. Place about 1 teaspoon water in a separate saucepan. Turn the glass and dip the rim into the water. Then dip it Turn the knob to release the sugar/espresso mixture. Then drizzle the chocolate syrup around the rim. Pour the liqueur/K-Cup(r), coffee mixture into a glass.

Serve immediately!



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