The Original Donut Shop K-Cup

The Original Donut Shop Regular Coffee is Simple and satisfying. It’s so simple and easy to enjoy. This is how coffee should be. Coffeelicious 100% coffee, consistently delicious and a great companion for the amazing moments that make life truly wonderful. Our Regular is full-bodied, bold, and delicious too. It’s a cup of happiness. This extra-strong variety contains more coffee per pod than the average K-Cup pod. These K-Cup single-serve pods can be used with all Keurig K-Cup Single-Serve Coffee Makers. Every K-Cup pod contains the finest caffeinated coffee ground and brews great coffee every time. It is certified Orthodox Union Kosher, and has no artificial ingredients.

  • Extra bold (contains a greater amount of coffee than regular K-Cup pods).
  • It’s simple and satisfying. It’s simple and easy to enjoy. This is how coffee should be.
  • Our Regular is full-bodied, bold, and delicious. It’s a cup of happiness.
  • A perfectly balanced blend of the best quality beans


Coffee Type Medium Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Caffeine Content Caffeine
Brand The Original Donut Shop
Packaging Type Box
Weight 2.2 lb


Product Description

  • Sweet, Full-Bodied all-American Traditional Coffee
  • Our regular coffee is full-bodied, bold, and most flavorful
  • 48 pack of Single Serve K-Cup pods
  • The Original Donut Shop Java K-Cup Pods are designed to be used in single-cup brewing systems.

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