Starbucks House Blend K-Cup 

It is simple, but it’s not hard to understand. Starbucks House Blend Coffee is a blend of fine Latin American beans that have been roasted to a dark, glistening chestnut color. This coffee is full of flavor and balances the tastes of cocoa and nut, with just a hint of sweetness from its roast. This is the beginning of our coffee, the first blend we created back in 1971. Starbucks House Blend Coffee was the foundation for how our master blenders, roasters and coffee-makers work today. It is a true reflection of our values and makes for a great cup of coffee. All starts here.

* Cocoa & toffee. The coffee has a balanced aroma, body, and flavor.
* 100% Arabica coffee
* Certified Orthodox Union Kosher

Lively and balanced flavor with a touch of sweetness and crisp acidity. Starbucks House Blend provides a wonderful flavor with a perfect balance; hints of nut and cocoa accents. It adds a touch of sweetness from the roast. Smooth as silk, it’s perfect for use any time of day. House Blend isn’t sharp or bitter, and is flavorful by itself; or, with a splash of milk.


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