Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai KCup

Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai – K-Cup, Single Serve, Portion Pack

The quantity is quite generous: you can get 96 cups of Celestial Seasonings India Spice. These cups are convenient. They are also small and easy to transport. You can also make the quantity go a little further by adding more tea bags. You can only have six cups per carton. That’s not as good as buying more.

To get the best flavor, try brewing up a pot of india spice chai tea in your Keurig brewer. It’s a perfect choice if you’re on a tight budget. This one has more antioxidants than other flavor teas. And, because it’s made with premium teas, you’ll be able to use it in your Keurig Brewer without any trouble.

Celestial India Spice Chai K-Cup is a great way to have chai tea at home. The flavored tea uses premium black teas with exotic spices. This flavored tea is naturally sweet and is a great choice for people who like a bit more sugar.


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