Celestial Seasonings Teas are aA soothing blend of soft flavor is created by a pleasant blend of chamomile and spearmint. . When you take this time for rest and thought, there’s no peace like the sigh of the soul.

Decaf India spice chai

For true chai flavor, this unique mix infuses rich, decaffeinated black tea with lively spices like ginger, cloves, and cardamom, as well as a dash of silky vanilla. Get the feel of authentic Indian tea with this K-cup.

Decaf English breakfast tea

This caffeine-free version of our famous English Breakfast black tea has quite a deep, intense, filled with flavor with a smooth texture. Instead of synthetically manufactured solvents, we employ CO2, a naturally occurring gas, in our gentle decaffeination process

Fairtrade Green tea K-cups

Good for health the green tea leaves are harvested from the same plant as black tea leaves but are dried swiftly to retain their brilliant color and rich antioxidants. This blend combines two Fair Trade Certified teas – traditional green tea and exquisite Bai Mu Dan white tea – to achieve a smooth, consistent cup with a taste.

Lemon Zinger tea K-cup

The combination of genuine lemons and lively Guatemalan lemongrass with hibiscus in this classic brew gives all Zinger teas their trademark acidic flavor and ruby-red color. This vibrant tea is ideal for any season.

Energy Black Tea K-Cup Pods

This combination provides an extra dose of energy, with roughly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It’s ideal for getting you out of bed in the morning or bringing you out of a mid-day lull. This black tea’s sweet vanilla flavor profile makes it as tasty as it is invigorating.

Let’s face it: life in today’s world is stressful. The stress of merely getting through every day can accumulate over time, ultimately resulting in health issues. Spending time with a lovely cup of tea is a simple method to ease tension in a matter of a few minutes. Tea can be comforting, making it simpler to take a deep breath and let your concerns drift away, at the very minimum, to settle yourself before continuing with your day.

Just place the Celestial Seasonings preferred flavored tea pod into your Keurig brewing machine and get a perfectly brewed tea right at the comfort of your home or office without the hassle of going out to buy one. You don’t have to wait anymore and grab you Celestial Seasonings flavored tea K-cups today and enjoy a great tasting cup with every single tea pod.