Twinings of London Pure Rooibos Red Herbal Tea


Brand Twinings
Tea Variety Pure Rooibos Herbal Red
Flavor African Rooibos Tea
Weight 1 lb
Caffeine Decaf
Box 24 pack


Product Description

  • FRESH FLAVOR: 24 Pure Rooibos K-Cups. A one of a kind natural tea expertly mixed the use of best 100% natural rooibos for a candy taste. Using a Keurig Brewer, press the 6-oz. or eight oz. brew button for top of the line flavor
  • ONLY THE FINEST QUALITY: Our professional blenders supply best the best leaves cultivated to our exacting requirements with the aid of using depended on growers across the world. From those tea gardens we hand-choose the leaves so as to form your subsequent Twinings moment.
  • ROOIBOS TEA: A extraordinary natural tea expertly combined the use of simplest 100% natural rooibos to supply a flavorful tea with an uplifting aroma and obviously candy taste.
  • RICH HISTORY: In 1706 Thomas Twining started out promoting high-quality tea from an English storefront in The Strand, London. Today, Twinings nevertheless sells a number of the world’s exceptional teas from the authentic keep and in extra than one hundred nations at some point of the world.


Why do we love Twinings so much ?

Twinings are the reason we have tea that we love. They are amazing and have shown the world all there is about tea quality. So, Ten generations of Twinings family members have been present to witness it all, from the creation and distribution of our English Breakfast blend to the Red Cross’s food parcels. Stephen Twining is still employed at Twinings Headquarters and is an integral part of making sure everything runs smoothly, spreading Thomas’s message around the world, and helping to keep Thomas’s promise.

Although it would be great for us and our customers to have all 50+ of our blends available on shelves, ultimately it is up to the retailer to decide which blend they wish to sell. Here’s a quick and easy way for you to locate our products in your local retail store.


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