Twinings of London English Breakfast Tea


Tea Variety Black Tea
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor English Breakfast
Brand Twinings
Packaging Type Box
Weight 1.1 lb


About Twinings English Breakfast Tea

  • FRESH FLAVOR: 24 English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cup pods in a box. A rich, complex, and lively cup of tea that can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. For the perfect English breakfast tea, steep for four minutes.
  • Only the highest quality leaves: We only use the best tea leaves from trusted growers all over the globe. We hand-select these tea leaves to create your next Twinings moment.
  • ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA – English Breakfast is our most loved tea. We carefully choose the best teas from five regions to create this balanced blend. Each region has its own characteristics.
  • RICH HISTORY – In 1706 Thomas Twining started selling tea from an English shopfront in The Strand, London. Twinings continues to sell some of the best teas in the world from its original location and in over 100 other countries.
  • HAND CHOSEN FOR YOUR HOME: Twinings natural teas are made without artificial ingredients and provide a healthy tea experience.

Why do we love Twinings so much ?

Twinings are the reason we have tea that we love. They are amazing and have shown the world all there is about tea quality. So, Ten generations of Twinings family members have been present to witness it all, from the creation and distribution of our English Breakfast blend to the Red Cross’s food parcels. Stephen Twining is still employed at Twinings Headquarters and is an integral part of making sure everything runs smoothly, spreading Thomas’s message around the world, and helping to keep Thomas’s promise.




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