Twinings Earl Grey Tea



Our Story

The Twinings family of London is originally from Gloucestershire where they were weaving and fulling millers. The family had strong ties to the county over many centuries but the recession forced them to relocate to London in 1684.

Over 300 years, the passion for tea has not waned. Thomas’s tea shop sells tea, and we work hard to bring new teas to tea-lovers. Our teas are available in more than 500 varieties. Our expert blenders sample over 3,000 cups each week. You can be sure that every cup of tea you make will taste the same as the one before.

Why do we love Twinings Earl Grey Tea so much ?

Twinings are why we enjoy tea we love. They are incredible and have taught the world everything there is to know about tea quality. So, ten generations of Twinings family members were there to witness the entire process, from the creation of the English Breakfast blend to the distribution of Red Cross food parcels, to Thomas’s message to the world and to keep Thomas’s promise.

While it would be wonderful for our customers and us to have all 50+ blends on shelves, it is ultimately up to the retailer to decide what blends they want to sell.

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