Donut Shop One Step Vanilla Latte 20 pack

A perfectly made latte is the best. So rich. So creamy. It’s so simple! Original Donut Shop One Step Latte K-Cup pods contain coffee, flavoring, sweetener, and more! You can now enjoy the creamy creaminess of your favorite latte at any time, just by pressing a button. Simply brew the 10 oz. Set it up and go! For a richer and more luxurious experience, try the 8 oz. Setting.

  • Caffeinated One Step latte K-Cups for Keurig brewers
  • Enjoy your favorite latte, with great tasting coffee flavoring and sweetener all in one
  • 20 K-Cup pods per box; 0.73 oz. Each
  • Mix of beverage and milk made without sweetener or creamer
  • Simply brew the 10 oz. Set it up and enjoy
  • Brew 8 oz. for a richer and more indulgent experience Setting
  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certified
Coffee Type Dark Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor Vanilla Latte
Brand Donut Shop
Caffeine Content Caffeinated
Weight 1.2 lb


Product Description

  • Set your brewer on 10 oz cup and enjoy but if you like your latte richer and stronger then set the brewer to 8 oz cup.
  • Enjoy your preferred latte with extraordinary tasting coffee, flavoring, and sweetener – all in one
  • Use with Keurig Brewer Machines on any Compatible Brewer Machines


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