Takis Fuego 1 oz 46 pack

New look, same one-of-a-kind Fuego flavor! Warning: This snack should not be eaten by the weak of heart. Oh, no. Takis Fuego can be described as a snack for those who dare. It’s a treat for the brave. It’s a joy for every day hero. Each bite is packed with fiery chile peppers, lime zest and a kick of lime. You can have plenty of fun with all the flavor in one pack. You and your best friends can grab a pack and find out who you are Takis enough.

Takis Fuego

These aren’t your boring chips you used to pack with lunch. You can make snack time more enjoyable for your taste buds with Takis flavors. They are always delicious and intense. The rolled tortillas are a great snack option. You’ll want to come back for more.

What can you expect from these Takis Fuego chips?

Choose these Takis chips and you will get a box containing 46 bags. Each bag is just one ounce. The large box can be easily stored in most pantries.

How to enjoy the Takis Fuego Chips

You can buy this package of Takis Fuego Chips and keep it in your pantry. These can be easily added to your lunches, or for the kids’ lunches. They are a great snack that you can have anytime! You won’t need to eat too many of them since they come in a single portion.

This item

  • Fuego is the only thing – can you handle the intensity?
  • Ideal snack-sized bags, conveniently packed in a handy grab & go bag
  • A spicy chile pepper with a lime kick.
  • You may need to pack differently



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