Krispy Kreme Decaf Doughnuts Coffee

Krispy Kreme Decaf Doughnuts is A special blend that’s easy to full in love with. 100% Arabica Medium roast coffee. To go in to Krispy Kreme every morning is not possible, but you can enjoy the goodness of Krispy Kreme coffee at home with a single serve Keurig K-Cup coffee.


Coffee Type Medium Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor Decaf Doughnuts
Brand Krispy Kreme
Caffeine Content Decaffeinated
Weight 1 lb

Product Info

  • Medium Roast Decaf Coffee
  • The K-Cup pack is a Patented, Hermetically Sealed that Locks out Oxygen, Light and Moisture at the Same Time as Locking in Freshness and Aroma
  • Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher
  • Round and Balanced. A Delicious Combo Blend you Could Enjoy any Time


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