KIND Minis Variety Pack 32 pack


The KIND  Minis Variety Pack 32 pack. contains convenient 100-calorie servings. It is small enough to be carried in a bag, or put in your pocket. They are the perfect snack to grab for kids and adults.

What is the taste of KIND bars?

KIND protein bar come in a variety flavors. KIND Minis Variety packs include 16 dark chocolate nuts, sea salt, and 16 caramel almonds with sea salt mini-bars for a healthy, sweet, and salty snack. The dark chocolate nuts with sea salt are made from Brazilian sea salt and drizzled chocolate. Sea salt and caramel almond include salted caramel, and only 3 grams of sugar.

Convenient on-the-Go Snacking

These KIND bars are small enough to be taken with you on the go. You can easily pack them into lunch bags or slip them into your backpack. These can be handed out as healthy and delicious Halloween treats.


    • 100 calories per bar
    • 3 g sugar
    • Low glycemic index
    • No sugar alcohols
    • Very low sodium
    • Fiber is a good source
    • No trans fat
    • There are 32 total bars


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