Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee – K-Cup

Professionals need to take their work seriously and approach it slowly. Like tightrope walker. Or brain surgeons. Or tattoo artists. At Tully’s(r), the same holds true for creating great coffee. In our artisanal method, we take time roasting coffee and training master roasters. You can smell the passion and time put into every cup of Tully’s Italian Roast. We invite you to enjoy it.

A perfect example of Tully’s(r) slow-roasting philosophy. If you are lucky enough to visit Southern Italy, Italian Roast is the type of coffee you will find. It is full-bodied and intense with a mild spiciness. The finish is long and satisfying.

An uncommonly delicious coffee forged in the fires of an unconventional process, Tully’s(r) coffee gets its distinctive aroma and rich, full flavor from our signature slow-and-low roasting process that infuses the taste of true craftsmanship into every sip.

* 100% Arabica coffee
* Certified Orthodox Union Kosher



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