Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend K-Cup Coffee.

Nantucket Blend K-Cup weaves together winey, berry flavors from East Africa, full-bodied Indonesian, and bright flavors from the Americas. An exciting and complex blend, it unites four coffees from three continents. A perfect touch of French Roast creates a sweet, smoky finish. Roasted and blended, it creates an exceptionally hearty cup that has sparked a loyal following for more than two decades.

* 100% Arabica coffee
* Certified Orthodox Union Kosher

This complex blend of rich flavors is a combination of berry-hued African bean, robust Indonesian beans, and a hint of French Roast. The full-bodied, rich blend is balanced by chocolate, caramel, and dried fruits.

The mountains are special. It’s where Green Mountain Coffee Roasters(r) was born. It is where we got our entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to improving the lands with sustainably sourced coffee. We are driven to make the world a better place by providing a better cup of coffee. Be bold. Be bold. Grab a cup of coffee and go (r).


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