Funyuns Snack Size 0.75 oz 50 pack


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Funyuns Snack Size


Funyuns Snack size (0.75 oz.,50 ct.). Enjoy the flavorful onion-flavored chips. A crunchy fun twist that combines the zesty zinginess from onions, are a tasty treat you won’t find anywhere else.

Are they in Convenient Packaging

Funyuns Snacksize chips are small and portable, making them easy to pack, store, and transport. The snack-sized packaging allows you to enjoy onion-flavored rings in a variety of settings, including at home, work or school.

This item

  • Funyuns onion rings chips
  • It has onion flavor and crispy texture.
  • It’s convenient for snacking
  • This is a great snack or lunch option.



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