Dunkin Donut Decaf Original

Looking for one delicious cup of Dunkin. Holds the coffee! Here’s your coffee. Dunkin’ Donut® Decaf. It has the same smooth flavor and texture as our Original Blend, without any compromises. This blend is delicious and smooth with notes of chocolate and nut. We guarantee that your mouth will not know the difference. Make yourself a cup of this delicious blend. Dunkin’ Decaf(r).Relax and enjoy the moment. You deserve it.


Coffee Type Medium Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor Original Blend
Brand Dunkin’ Donuts
Caffeine Content DECAF
Weight 2 lb


Product Description

  • 100% Arabica Coffee beans
  • 1 Box of 44 Dunkin’ Donut Decaf Medium Roast K Cups
  • The Java that made Dunkin’® famous, offering a rich, clean taste.
  • Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher
  • Use with Keurig Brewer Machines or any Compatible Brewer Machines
Do you want one cup of Dunkin’ coffee? This is your Dunkin’ coffee roast. Our Original Blend has the same smooth flavor, but Dunkin’ Decaf is smoother. We guarantee that your mouth will not know the difference. It is a delicious, smooth blend with notes chocolate and nut. Enjoy a cup Dunkin’ Decaf, and then relax. You deserve it.
  • Specially blended medium roast coffee that is roasted to give the same great taste and aroma as Dunkin’ coffee.
  • Only decaffeinated Dunkin Original Blend has the rich, smooth taste
  • Ready to brew at your home, right from the box
  • Dunkin’ is a great home-cooked treat


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