Café Escapes Chai Latte

You can go beyond coffee. Enjoy a rich and satisfying café beverage that goes beyond coffee. Each tasty variety has less than 80 calories so take a moment to enjoy it. Café Escapes Chai Latte is not your ordinary tea. You’ll notice the difference right away. You can transform your day into a tranquil escape to a place of indulgence by combining cinnamon and spices with milky sweetness.

This product contains milk. This product is free of trans fats and gluten. The caffeine content of this product is less than 10mg per serving, compared to 100-150mg in Arabica coffee. It contains a mix of artificial and natural sweeteners. Compatible with single-serve Keurig(r), K-Cup(r), pod coffee makers. Recyclable* K-Cup Pods now available: It’s simple. Delicious. Now, it’s recyclable.

Enjoy the same great tasting coffee that you love. Then, just take it out and empty it. *Not all communities will accept the coffee. Packaging can vary.

Coffee TypeCaffeinated & Gluten Free
Item TypeSingle Serve K-Cup
FlavorChai Latte
BrandCafé Escapes
Packaging TypeBox
Weight5.2 lb

Product Description

  • Caffeine content less than 10mg
  • An awesome flavor of black tea and special spices
  • This product includes milk
  • Reward your self with a rich, indulgent café beverage that takes you past coffee. Each scrumptious range is below eighty calories, so surrender to 3 moments of me time.



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