Barista Prima Italian Roast 72 pack

European coffee art in your favorite cup. A passion for the rich, deep-roasted brews of Italy lies at the heart of Barista Prima Italian CoffeehouseTM, an exclusive collection of the world’s finest coffees roasted in the tradition of Europe’s most celebrated coffee houses. Each cup is bold and complex, but perfectly balanced. This is the result of the highest level of skill and artistry that only skilled baristas can provide.


Coffee Type Dark Roast
Item Type Single Serve K-Cup
Flavor Italian Roast
Brand Barista Prima
Packaging Type Box
Weight 3.2 lb


Product Description

  • Medium Dark Italian Roast
  • 100% Arabica Coffee beans
  • 72 pack of Single Serve K-Cup pods
  • Rich. Dark. European. Barista Prima Coffeehouse(r), a unique series of darker-roasted, bolder coffees, was created with gourmet coffee drinkers in mind. They are reminiscent of traditional European espresso residence brews. Each range is complex but balanced and smooth.

This product

A deep, dark-roasted delight, done right. This cup is rich and heavy, with ripe fruits and berry flavors. It is a perfect example of the long-standing Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffeehouses. Our Italian Roast is bold and balanced with a hint of smokeiness and a sweet, fresh finish. It’s a delicious testament to the art and craft of dark roasting.

  • Regular coffee
  • Dark roast strength
  • You can make a 6-8 or 10 oz. Depending on the machine, you can make a 6, 8 or 10 oz.
  • There are no filters or loose coffee. Simply put it in the pot and brew.
  • Product is Kosher
  • Gourmet coffee Keurig(r) K-Cup(r) pods
  • Italian roast coffee
  • Every time you make the perfect cup of coffee, there is no cleanup or mess.
  • Our Italian Roast is bold and balanced. It has a slight hint of smokeiness and a sweet, crisp finish.



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