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cafe escapes coffee the fastest-growing premium coffee chain in Scandinavia. We offer top-quality coffee, tea, pastries, and sandwiches served with a smile.

Our Story

Café Escapes pods don’t just make a cup of tea or coffee. They are all inspired by small cafes across Europe. These K-Cup pods will transport you from the mundane and give you a break from your daily grind. You might find a change in your outlook by starting your day with Café Escapes pods coffee, tea, or coffee. You might find yourself enjoying their European-inspired flavors throughout the afternoon and not wanting to work the rest of your day.
Three types for your brewing pleasure.
K-Cup pods from Café Escapes pods are designed for Keurig single-serve coffee brewers. This means that you can have one of their beverages whenever you like, without having to waste an entire pot. You can choose from a variety of Cafe Escapes K-Cup pods of coffee, tea and hot chocolate Cafe Escapes K-Cup pods, so you can make exactly what you need, when you want it. Hot chocolate too hot? You can make cold chocolate by brewing it in a large cup of ice. You can brew all three Cafe Escapes K-Cup pods hot or cold.

Cafe Escapes K-Cups are available in delicious and inspiring flavors
Sometimes all you want is a simple cup of coffee. We understand that. Cafe Escapes K-Cups is the best choice for those who want to enjoy delicious flavors. Many of these flavors are sure to take you back to Europe if you have ever been. These flavors might make you want to go. The following Cafe Escapes K-Cup coffees and teas are available in different flavors depending on their variety:

* Caramel
* Chai Latte
* Chocolate
* Cinnamon
* Mocha
* Vanilla

They are so popular that you may want to hide them.
Cafe Escapes K-Cups can be purchased in sufficient quantities to either share with others or kept in your desk drawer. Cafe Escapes K-Cups are loved by people who love coffee.