These are the best K-Cup flavors and recommendations for making the best Keurig coffee

Are you looking for ways to make your K cup coffee taste better? We have the top K-cup flavors and our top tips to make the best Keurig coffee.

At the touch of a button, delicious and perfectly brewed coffee is available. How do I sign up for the service? Single-serve Kcup coffee pods with single-serve are very popular nowadays.

They not only make a great cup of coffee in a matter of seconds but also come in every flavor or roast. There are so many options that it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.

We decided to assist you by tasting a range of popular flavors and roasts from different manufacturers. Many of the items didn’t meet our expectations, so we returned them quickly.

How to Make the Best K-Cup Coffee ?

You want to make K-Cup coffee more enjoyable? You don’t have to worry about it, we have your back! After you have chosen the best K cup coffee pods for your tastes, these secrets will make your morning coffee experience even more enjoyable.

* Get started with the basics

This is a fact you can’t ignore! A high-quality coffee pod is essential if you want the best Keurig espresso. We recommend Green Mountain Coffee Coffee Roasters K–Cups, Cooper’s Cask whiskey barrel aged K–Cups or Peet’s Minor Dickason’s Mix if quality coffee is important to you.

Once you have chosen the best Keurig K-Cup coffee beans for your tastes, ensure that you use filtered or bottled drinking water in your Keurig machine. Water accounts for around 99% in your brew. It is important to get the best Keurig Coffee.

Final Thoughts on Best K-Cup Flavors. How to Brew Best Keurig Coffee

If you’ve been reading my blog at Be Your Own Barista a while you may have noticed that I’m very picky about my coffee.

I’m ashamed to say that I tried more than 50 K-cups during my research for this article. I ended up sending the vast majority back.

The ones I listed were my favorite K-cup coffee pods and I would be happy to recommend them or gift them. They were excellent, and I will continue to reorder them.

Combining our top-quality K-cups, with our tips on how to make the best Keurig espresso, you will see that you can have great-tasting coffee at home.


We did however find some really amazing K-cups which we would not hesitate to recommend and repurchase. K-cups with a rich, deep aroma and delicious flavor are our favorites. You might not be able to tell that they haven’t been freshly ground.

Here are the top K-cup flavors you should try. They have been tested, ranked and reviewed by Be Your Own Barista coffee experts! For our top tips on making the best Keurig coffee, make sure you read the entire article!

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Favorites Selection Variety Pack

green mountain coffee k cups

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Favorites Variety Packs are the best choice if you want the highest quality coffee and the best flavor for a reasonable price. The Bold Roast Variety Pack is my favorite. This pack includes 10 of each Green Mountain’s Dark Magic or Breakfast Blend, Colombian Fair Trade, Nantucket Blend and Colombian Fair Trade coffees. All of them are excellent and the Dark Magic Roast is great for making espresso-style drinks quickly.

This review is not for the Bold Roast Varieties. However, Green Mountain Coffee Pods are of the highest quality. There are many flavor options available. You can also find other varieties with milder coffees and flavored coffees.

The uniqueness of Green Mountain K-cups lies in the fact that each pod contains freshly ground coffee. The pods have a paper filter that allows the coffee grounds to be soaked in hot water before they pass through the filter. This unique design extracts every ounce from the coffee. It results in a rich, flavorful cup that is free of bitterness and acidity.

A Green Mountain Favorites Variety Pack is an excellent value. The Bold Roast Variety offers a variety of coffees to suit every taste. This is a great deal for us, as I prefer a dark roast and my husband and daughter prefer light or medium roasts. Green Mountain’s coffee pods were my favorite Keurig Kcup coffee pods. I was able to taste them all and will definitely be ordering more!

Get Green Mountain Coffee Favorites Variety Packs Now


2. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Single-Serve K-Cup Pods


It’s not a secret that I like coffee and chocolate. So when I saw these Cafe Escapes Café Mocha Keurig K–Cup Pods I couldn’t resist trying them. I was delighted to discover that they taste delicious!

Apart from the delicious flavor, these Cafe Mocha K-Cups are low in caffeine. This is only about 1/3 of regular coffee’s caffeine. It means I can enjoy a mocha after dinner without having to wake up all night. That’s how it works!

Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha pods have a Cafe Mocha flavor. Flavored coffee pods sometimes can be a little weak. These have all the rich, creamy chocolate flavors of true Cafe Mocha.

Shop Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha Keurig K-Cups Here


3. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

peet's Coffee Major Dickansons k cups


Major Dickason’s Coffee pods will delight anyone who loves a rich, flavorful coffeePeet’s high-quality coffees are always fresh. The beans are grown at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil to give them a distinctive flavor.

I loved the rich taste and wonderful aroma. These pods are just as good as regular coffee. I’d definitely buy them for their incredible aroma alone.

Most reviewers like Major Dickason’s K–Cups equally as much as I love them! A few people did have problems with these K-cups. They burst during transport. They were in perfect condition when I received them. I would definitely order them again, and they are worth a try if your preference is full-bodied coffee.

Shop Peet’s Major Dickason’s Keurig K-Cup coffee Pods Here


4. Gevalia Cappuccino Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods with Froth Packets


Although I admit that I was skeptical about the product, my curiosity led me to give it a try. Again, I was surprised. Gevalia’s Cappuccino K Cup pods are delicious with just the right amount of sweetness and a bit of froth.

These are perfect for my daughter who loves cappuccino, but doesn’t like fussing with the espresso machine. They are rich and creamy with a pleasant coffee flavor.

This product will not replace a good cappuccino made with real espresso and freshly frothed and steam brewed milk. Gevalia Cappuccino K Cup pods are a great choice if you’re looking for a delicious cappuccino-style beverage that you can make with your Kuerig.


5. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Decaf Coffee K-Cups

french vanilla decaf k cups


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Decaf k-cups will satisfy your craving for an after-dinner, delicious coffee. These single-serve pods of coffee are rich and delicious, just like a great after-dinner beverage.

Because they smell so good, I love to bring these decaf French Vanilla Kcups around when we have company. It’s always a surprise to everyone how delicious, sweet, and creamy these decaf k-cups are.

These work great in the 6-ounce cup. However, I prefer stronger coffees so adjust accordingly. Green Mountain’s Decaf French Vanilla K Cups are loved by my entire family. We will continue ordering them!

Shop Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Decaf Coffee K-Cups Here

6. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee

Cinnabon-Classic-Cinnamon-k cups pods


I was able to convince myself to try the Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cups. They are described as a “light roast brew with swirls and decadent Cinnabon flavors like cinnamon, brown sugar, sugar, and ofcourse the mouthwatering frosting”. Yummm!

These Cinnabon flavored, coffee pods have been a delight and I am now hooked. These coffee pods smell wonderful, but they actually taste like freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

Although I admit to having tried other cinnamon roll-flavored coffees, they all tasted artificial and syrupy. These Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll K-Cups do not contain any chemicals. They taste exactly like real Cinnamon with just the right amount sweetness.

They are all the same flavor as Cinnabons but with fewer calories and less fat. These cinnamon-flavored cookies are sure to please if you love cinnamon!


8. Starbucks Pike Place K-Cups


Starbucks Pike Place Coffee k cups



The Starbucks Pike Place coffee is a favorite of many, and it’s easy for them to understand why. Starbucks Pike Place K Cups will deliver a rich, smooth cup of coffee that is never bitter or acidic. These K-cups by Starbucks are my favorite because they have subtle notes of cocoa, toasted nuts, and cocoa in medium roasts that appeal to almost every taste.

They are a household staple, and you will not be disappointed if you love Starbucks Kcups. They are the perfect way to get your caffeine fix without ever leaving the comfort of your home on Sunday morning. You’ll also save a lot of money than driving to the drive-thru for your commute to work.

I recommend that you purchase them through Subscribe and save on You’ll save as much as 40% on your first subscribe & save purchase, and you can also save 15% on subsequent deliveries. These savings are much more than paying full price at the grocery or big-box store.