How to decode the different roasts in your coffee cup

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to coffee or have been enjoying it for years, it is important to understand the differences between different coffee roasts. There are many myths about the caffeine levels and flavor profiles in different coffee varieties. We’re here to help you decide which roast is best for you.

Continue reading to find out the caffeine levels in each coffee roasting profile.

Light Roast Coffee

light roast coffee bean


Contrary to the title, light roasts have the highest amount of caffeine out of all coffees on the light-to dark scale. This is because the beans used in this recipe contain a lot of caffeine.
Coffee beans are light roasted and spend less time in the machine.
The bean is made denser by retaining more water.

This density means that the bean retains more caffeine, but less of it.
The roasting process brings out the flavor. A light roast can be ground and brewed to produce delicate and nuanced flavors such as caramel and hazelnut. A cup of light roast coffee might have a milder taste and a thinner consistency. It actually has more caffeine!

Light roasts include Half City, New England Roast and Cinnamon.
Light City, Roast.

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roasts are more robust and have a longer roasting time. They also retain more moisture, which allows for more coffee flavor. These beans are less dense than light roast varieties, which means that they have less caffeine in American brews like Breakfast, City, or American.

Medium flavors are richer than light roasts. However, they tend to have a more complex flavor. The coffee’s texture is also thicker. It’s like a red wine. A Pinot Noir is a lighter wine with delicate flavors. A Cabernet is thicker and more robust, and tends to have a stronger, single-note flavor. The same goes for coffee as it progresses from dark to light.

Medium-Dark Roasts

Medium-dark roasts can be roasted for a longer time following the same pattern.
This results in a thicker brew and a stronger taste, shading into bitter.
territory aftertastes

Medium-dark roasts, as the name suggests, offer flavor profiles that are unique to medium-dark.
They fall somewhere in the middle between medium and dark roasts. Their caffeine levels also tend to be similar. Medium-dark roasts are often found on Full City, After Dinner and Vienna Roasts.

Dark Roasts

Finally, we get to the dark roasts. These roasts contain enough caffeine, but not as much as other brews. Their coffee flavor is stronger than any other brews due to their lengthy roasting at high heat.
Dark roasts are the best choice if you like that rich, charred flavor that stays on your tongue. Although you may need to brew one more cup to get your energy up than if you drank a light roast, the full-bodied flavor will be evident as you take a sip. This is the best roast for you. Look out for European, Italian, and Continental coffees in shops and on shelves.

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